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Automotive OBD1 Adapter BMW 20P To DB26P Male

This is a hybrid conversion adapter for BMW test or diagnosis. It is equal to the diagnostic cable but do not with cable, it is with all functions and features of a diagnostic cable, but it is shorter, with smaller size, as well as lower cost. Some buyer also called it a hand shank, automotive conversion connector or auto conversion interface and so on. It is an elbow but it is molded by plastic injection in one time and it is not with assembled housing. We also provide assembled obd diagnostic adapter, they are not molded in one time and the case is assembled. The pin definition, color and material of the adapter can be customized.
  • FA-AD-BM01M
  • Fiberall

FA-AD-BM01M Molded Automotive Diagnostic Conversion Adapter BMW 20P Male To DB26P Male

This is not a OBD-II diagnostic adapter, some suppliers called it obd1 adapter just to distinguish it from obd2, but in fact it does not have relations with OBD2 at the beginning, there is no standard for the diagnostic interface, and it can be defined by the auto manufacturer, so that there are many different diagnostic adapter emerged as the times require. Obd1 adapter bring some trouble to maintenance, test and diagnosis due to its non-universal standard. Now OBD-II has been developed maturely not only on theory but also on real application. It is international universal and most vehicles adopts OBD2 interface. But the old conversion adapter is still have partial market, and we also provide this type diagnostic adapter which is named obd1, but they are different from obdii diagnostic adapter, please pay attention to this and select the correct one when you order.


Basic Information of OBD FA-AD-BM01M BMW Diagnostic Conversion Adapter:

Port 1: BMW 20P Male

Port 2: DB26P Male

Body Material: PVC or customized

Pin Material: Nickle Plated Brass

Wire Spec: 26AWG

Pinout assignment: standard or upon drawing

Color: Black or customized

Applicable brand: BMW


Origin: China

Working voltage: 12~24V

Working temperature: -10-85 ℃


Main Features Of BMW 20Pin Male to DB26P Male Diagnostic Adapter:

1, Compact size, easy for carrying and cost saved for shipping;

2, Based on international standard, high precision and easy to match;

3, 100% brand name high quality raw material;

4, Advanced equipment and experienced staff, over 10 years’ production experience;

5, Standardized production process and strict quality control and 100% tested ex-factory;

6, Customized feature is acceptable, material of plastic, metal parts, pinout, color, label, inner packing and carton can be customized;

7, Excellent material performance and technique, not easy to age and with stable color;

8, Provide real-time order tracking, including production and delivery process.


Order Information of BMW OBD1 Auto Diagnostic Adapter:


Part Number




Diagnostic Adapter BMW 20Pin Male to HDB26   Male



Conversion Adapter BMW 20Pin Male to HDB26   Female



Auto Diagnostic Adapter BMW 20Pin Male to DB15   Male



Hand shank BMW 20Pin Male to DB15 Female

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