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Automobile OBD Cable & Extension Adapter for OBD2 Scanner

FA-DC-OC48 is a conversion and extension cable for OBD2 scanner. It is with obdii female connector at one end and the other end is with OBD2 male connector. Default color of the automobile obd cable is black. And it is also able to connect other OBD-II device to OBD2 compliant vehicle.
  • FA-DC-OC48
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Main Features and Advantages of FA-DC-OC48 OBD2 Extension Cable

1, The obd cable is with standard J1962 connector. It is universal for international wide.

2, We only use brand new material which is RoHS and UL compliant and earth friendly.

3, Each cable should pass test before shipping.

4, We are with over ten year’s production experience in this filed. We are with advanced equipment, mature technique and skilled staff.

5, Factory direct deal. It is easy to communicate, easy to control cost and ensure lead time.

6, Other than standard specification, we also provide customized features for the obd2 cable. Like color, length, pin assignment, wire specification, material and so on.

7, Drawing or specification with pin diagram is available for confirmation before production. Sample is also available upon real situation.


Product Parameters of FA-DC-OC48 Automobile OBD Cable

Part No.


Port one

OBD2 male (Type A)

Port two

OBDII female


OBD-II complaint vehicles, OBD2 scanner, GPS system, IOV and so on

Compatible voltage

DC 12V

Contact parts

Silver-plated, gold-plated or nickel-plated copper or brass

Jacket Material


Plastic part of connector

PA66, ABS or PC, customizable

Cable shape


Wire spec

AWG 26~18, pure copper

Pin out

Standard or customized

Obd cable length


Contact Resistance

<3 Ohm

Insulation Resistance

>5M Ohm

Environment Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃


Common Plastics Used in Automotive OBD Cable

Plastic is an important part of automotive OBD cable. Plastic not only for insulation, but also form and protect the automotive OBD2 cable. Here we will introduce several common plastics.

1. Nylon polymide (PA): This is the most common plastic used in automotive OBD cable. It has good toughness, wear resistance and no smell. It also has strong plasticity, suitable for drilling, cutting, planning and injection molding. Its heat resistance can reach 105 ℃.

2. Polyester polyester (PBT): We always use it as insulation for conductor of automotive OBD cable. It has excellent chemical and electrical properties, as well as size stability and good plasticity. It also has creep resistance and its heat resistance can reach 120 ℃.

3. Acrylic / butadiene / styrene copolymer (ABS). It is always used as alternative injection molding material for over-molded part of automotive OBD cable. It has good mechanical properties and good chemical resistance. It is easy to process and cheaper than nylon, that’s why it can be substitute of nylon. But its heat resistance is worse than nylon, which can only reach 60 ℃.

4. Polycarbonate polycarbonate (PC). It is mainly for connector of automobile OBD cable. It has good wear resistance, good molding property and good insulation performance. Moreover, it has good dimensional stability, poor solvent resistance and low water absorption. Its heat resistance can reach 130 ℃.

5. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is the most common outer jacket material for automotive OBD cable. It has good physical properties, good extrusion properties, good weather resistance, and with low moisture absorption. Its heat resistance can reach 60 ℃.

6. Polyurethane polyurethane (PUR). It is with good bending property, fatigue resistance, and excellent tear strength. Therefore, it is also a common material for outer jacket of obd cable which requires good softness.

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