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Auto OBD Cable Splitter for Internet of Vehicles

The obd cable is with one male connector at one end. And there are two female OBD2 connector at the other end. We always call it obd splitter cable. It is able to support two equipment to connect with the vehicle. Fiberall also produce other obd splitter cables with different connectors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detail if you are interested in them.
  • FA-DC-OC84
  • Fiberall

Main Features of FA-DC-OC84 OBD Cable Splitter

1, We provide various color for options. Buyer can appoint color for connector of the obd cable.

2, High quality material is the base of excellent performance. Generally we use brass or cooper for metal parts, use PA66 for over-molded parts and PVC for jacket. Other materials are available upon request.

3, All our obd cable are tested before shipping to ensure the reliability. And mating life of our obd2 cables are over 10000 times, and they can ensure over 5000 times bending.

4, We accept OEM and ODM order for the obd cable. Our engineer is able to design according to your requirement. Sample, drawing or other details for reference will be acceptable for us.

5, There are many different types of OBD connectors for options.


Product Parameters of FA-DC-OC84 Auto OBD Cable

Part number


Connector one

OBD2 male (Type A)

Connector two

OBD-II female

Connector three

OBDii female

Workable vehicle

OBD-II compliant models

Working voltage

DC 12V

Contact parts

Tinned, Nickel-plated or gold-plated copper

Jacket Material


Cable shape


Wire spec.

AWG 26~20

Over-molded part material

PA66 or customized

Pin assignment

Standard or customized

Obd cable length


Contact Resistance

3 Ohm Maximum

Insulation Resistance

5M Ohm Minimum

Temperature range

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Typical Application

Auto diagnosis   and GPS tracking


Main Application of Vehicle OBD Cable

1, For emission detection. Vehicle manufacturer and exhaust emission monitoring stations use traditional OBD to detect emission. They always use OBD cable to connect the vehicle and diagnostic equipment. The obd2 diagnostic tool collects data stream and send them to the display. After analysis, they will know whether the exhaust gas is up to the standard or not.

2, For vehicle diagnosis. After decades of development, the coverage rate of OBD diagnosis technology is higher and higher. Not only cars use OBD diagnosis, but heavy trucks are also use it more and more. This is also the main application field of OBD cable. Most of external wired diagnostic equipment need to use the OBD cable for conversion or extension.

3, For GPS tracking. For a long time in the past, the Internet of vehicles technology is not perfect enough. So car positioning and tracking can only be realized through GPS system. The OBD cable is for connecting GPS tracking devices.

4, For Internet of vehicles. With the development of Internet of vehicles technology, the application of OBD in IOV is more and more. With help of OBD and IOV technology, fleet management, road rescue, insurance enterprises and aftermarket are developing rapidly. And personal vehicles, logistics companies, car factories and other enterprises also like these new technology. It mainly provides vehicle real-time positioning, driving track recording, fault real-time alarm, driving behavior analysis and other functions. With the development of Internet of vehicles technology, OBD devices and OBD cable also have new applications. And the scope of application is wider and wider.

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