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Auto Diagnostic & Conversion Cable Adapter for OBD2 Scanner

FA-DC-OC52 is an obd conversion cable. It is with OBD-II male connector at one end and the other end is with OBD-II female connector. The auto obd cable is flat. It is with compact size than the round one. And it is convent for storage and installation. It is also with better communication performance due to its unique arrangement of conductors.
  • FA-DC-OC52

Product Characteristics of FA-DC-OC52 Auto Diagnostic OBD Cable 

1, The OBD-II connectors are compliant with J1962 requirement and compatible with obd scanner or other obd tools.

2, All material are RoHS compliant. No harm to human being and earth friendly.

3, Shipping label is available with carton to show order No., part number, quantity and weight and so on.

4, Different materials are available for option. Customer can choose the most favorable material based on requirement.

5, Fiberall provide one year warranty for the obd cable. And we provide lifelong technical support.

6, We provide OEM and ODM customized service for the auto obd cable. We also can develop new mold or revise mold according to customer’s requirement.

7, We have full range category for obd products. Buyer can order obd2 scan tool, obd adapter, obd connector and so on with the obd cable.

8, Each obd cable should pass test before packing.


Main Parameters of FA-DC-OC52 Flat OBD Cable

Product Number


Connector 1

16Pin OBD-II Male

Connector 2

16pin OBD2 Female


OBD-II compliant vehicles, OBD2 scanner or   other obd-ii devices

Connector type

J1962 A type

Connector material

PA66+GF (ABS or PC is   optional)

Operating voltage

DC 12V

Wire specification

AWG 26~20

Pin assignment

16 pin full connected or customized

Jacket Material


Cable shape


Cable specification

Diameter 2.1x16mm (16pin: 16Cx28AWG)

Default Color


Working temperature


Default packing

PE bag/Carton


Is Auto OBD Cable Harmful to Human Being?

The OBD cable is used in daily automobile diagnosis. Users basically work with it every day. So, as a product with plastic, is it harmful to human being?

First of all, Fiberall is very strict in material selection. We require that all materials used in the OBD cable must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. But how can we tell if it is harmful to human being or not when buying an auto OBD cable?

In fact, we can refer to the international environmental protection requirements. At present, the environmental protection directives involved in OBD cable mainly include:

1, RoHS: the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

2, ELV: End of life vehicle.

3, REACH: concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

As long as the auto OBD cable can meet these instructions, it's also no harm to human being.

As manufacturer of OBD cable, what aspects will we generally guarantee the environmental protection and harmlessness of obd cables?

1. Control the raw materials. Choose non-toxic, lead-free, no other harmful materials. There is no chemical reaction in the production process of OBD cable, but only physical change. So to make the OBD cable to be harmless, controlling the material from the source is the best way.

2. Avoid contamination during production. The added materials in the production process are also required to be environmentally friendly. In the production process of OBD cable, other unqualified additives should be avoided.

3. Test raw materials and finished products regularly. Timely detect whether the harmful substances exceed the standard.

So we should work together from all aspects of materials, production and management. In order to ensure that the auto OBD cable can meet the requirements. So that can provide customers with non-toxic and harmless products.

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