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Application of trouble code Reader

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Nowadays, cars have transformed from a luxury product into a commodity that the public can afford, and they have entered the families of ordinary people. Therefore, once a car breaks down, it will be a headache for car owners. Some faults are hidden deeply, and once they occur, they will cost a lot of money and reduce the service life of the car. So the following introduces the specific application of code reader to solve these problems.


Here is the content list:

What is the basic principle of car trouble code reader?

What are the main functions of the car trouble code reader?

What is the application and development direction of trouble code Reader?


What is the basic principle of car trouble code reader?

Today's cars generally have OBD-II on board diagnostic systems. Once a fault occurs, the vehicle will send out a warning message. And the MIL or check engine light on the dashboard will turn on. At this occasion, we need to check what’s the problem. To find the fault, we always need to use trouble code reader.

The use of the trouble code reader requires an OBD system. The obd code reader can detect the emission-related components of the car at any time to determine whether the car’s exhaust exceeds the standard. Once some components fail to cause excessive emissions, the system will immediately issue a warning, the fault indicator (MIL) or check engine (Check Engine) warning light will light up, and the powertrain control module (PCM) will store the fault information in the memory , The fault code can be read through the trouble code reader.


Therefore, according to the obd code reader, if the fault is eliminated, the fault indicator will go out after the monitor has not received the fault signal for 3 consecutive times. After the fault indicator light goes out, the engine performs 40 warm-up cycles, and the trouble code is automatically cleared from the memory.

 code reader

What are the main functions of the car trouble code reader?

Trouble code reader is a very important tool in car maintenance, it can effectively eliminate the cause of car failure. The main functions are: read fault code, clear fault code, read engine dynamic data stream, oscilloscope function, component action test, matching, setting and coding functions, English-Chinese dictionary, calculator and other auxiliary functions. Next, take Fiberall's USB fault code reader as an example to introduce its main functions:

Read engine fault codes, including general codes and manufacturer-specific codes. (More than 3000 common code definitions in the database).

The configuration of the application used determines whether the DTC code reader can display the meaning of the fault code.

Clear the fault code and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" indicator light).

Display current sensor data


Therefore, the OBD-II on board diagnostic system must be standardized, so that the diagnostic mode and diagnostic interface of the trouble code reader can be unified, and a variety of vehicles can be diagnosed and tested with only one instrument, which will greatly promote the development of the automobile self-diagnosis system.


What is the application and development direction of trouble code Reader?

Although the OBD code reader is technologically advanced and very effective in diagnosing emission problems, it is powerless to tell whether the driver accepts the MIL warning. To this end, a remote sensing and control device is added to the original OBDII code reader. Through this device, the vehicle's VIN and emissions can be reported to the emission management agency in real time.

The OBDII code reader under development has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost. On the other hand, if an emission problem is found, it is difficult to prevent the OBDIII code reader from issuing a report, which is also the main purpose of the environmental protection department. It can be seen that the OBDIII code reader will be a product of complete functions based on the OBDII code reader.


With the development of automotive electronic technology, the OBD code reader will become more complex, and its on-board detection function will be more powerful and more complete. Fiberall also actively learns from foreign OBD technology and its regulations, and develops an OBD code reader with independent intellectual property rights based on its own national conditions!

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