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3.0 Housing To OBD Female & Male Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-OC06 is a splitter obd diagnostic cable for vehicle communication. It is with obd splitter at one end and the other end is with 3.0 housing. The obd splitter cable is with one female obd2 connector and one male obd-ii connector. It is workable with 12~24V OBD-II compliant vehicles. The obd cable is not suitable for diesel trucks. As for the 3.0 housing of the obd diagnostic cable, the pin number is customable according to real requirement. Other parameter of the obd conversion cable like length, material, color, packing is also customizable. Pin assignment of the obd cable will decide the compatibility, please confirm drawing when confirm order.
  • FA-DC-OC06
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Parameters of FA-DC-OC06 OBD2 Diagnostic Cable

Part number


Port one

3.0 housing (4pins)

Port two

OBD2 16pin Female

Port three

OBD-II 16pin Male

Battery voltage


Pin material

Copper, nickel-plated or gold-plated for   options

Material of sheath


Cable shape


Wire specification

18~26 AWG or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft ~10ft and so on

Testing Voltage

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

OEM/ODM service


Note: The parameters above is for reference only. Final parameters should be consistent with the specification of the obd cable.


3.0 Housing Specification of FA-DC-OC06 OBD Diagnostic Cable

Interface   type

AC/DC   terminal

Contact   material


Pin   number





Vehicle   communication

Insulator   material



Local   supplier


Pin Number of OBD-II Auto Diagnostic Cable

1, The standard OBD-II male connector is with full 16pins. And the female obd2 connector is with 16 plugholes.

2, If there is no special requirement, Fiberall provide the obd2 diagnostic cable with standard 16pins or 16 plugholes.

3, Pin assignment is a very features for obd diagnostic cable and other obd-ii diagnostic tools. If the obdii cable or the diagnostic tool is with wrong pin assignment, it will not able to work with the vehicle.

4, Function of each pin of the obd conversion cable is defined by SAE-J1962. If there is no special requirement, supplier will make the obd2 cable under this standard. Different protocol will require different connection. For example:

(A), J1850 VPW protocol: the obd2 connector should have metallic contacts in pins 2,4,5 and 16, but not 10.

(B), J1850 PWM protocol: the connector should have metallic contacts in pins 2,4,5,10 and 16.

(C), ISO 9141-2 protocol: connector of the obd diagnostic cable should have metallic contacts in pins 4,5,7,15 and 16.

5, But there are some special vehicles in the market, they are not equipped with standard OBD-II protocols. So there are also some special obd-ii diagnostic cable order which does not need 16 pins direct connection.

6, As for customized obd cable order does not require 16 pins direct connection. There is no need to revised the 16 pins on the front side. Just need to connect the end of the pins or leave some pins not connected on the back side.

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